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Service Contracts-A Brief Overview

Service Contracts(also referred to as Extended Warranties or Vehicle Protection) Programs have been an integral part of the vehicle purchasing over the past forty years.  Service Contracts work much like Automobile Insurance in that you are paying an up front cost to offset the potential of paying for a large repair in the future.  In most cases this upfront cost is allowed to financed with our lenders at a very low interest rate.

Bourne's Service Contract History

Additional vehicle protection is an additional service and benefit we offer to our customers.  It gives us and our customers piece of mind if there are unforeseen repairs in the future.  We have partnered with the one of the best re-insurance companies in the industry and have worked with them many years.  When we entered into this partnership we knew that this would be a long term relationship and made the decision that we felt was best for our customers.  We feel it is important for our customers to know who has a vested interest in our service contracts and the role they provide.

  • Bourne's Auto Center- The Selling Dealer, Service Center and 100% Stakeholder in the total premiums
  • Portfolio/Resources Management- The agent who administers all contracts and insures compliance
  • First Extended Service Corp- Claims Management Company, they handle and administer all of the claims while keeping the dealer informed of all decisions.
  • Virginia Surety-The Insurance Company who backs the entire program

Claims History and Payments

 Month                                      Claims Processed at Bourne's Auto Center    
April 2018$72,491.81
March 2018$77,570.63
February 2018$77,620.69
January 2017
December 2017$65,003.28
November 2017$65,219.05
October 2017
September 2017$87,804.40
August 2017$90,611.46
July 2017$58,926.87
June 2017$80,321.73
May 2017$83,834.02

  Total  $878,707.23

  **Average Monthly Claims Paid**          **$73,226**
**This does not reflect any claims at outside service facilities.**