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We find that many customers have some of the same questions and have compiled a list of some of the more frequent questions.  If you question is not answered here or you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact a Sales Associate or a Finance Manager at any time.

1.)  I am trying to file a claim and need the phone number.

The claims phone number is (800)-527-3426.

The Roadside assistance phone number is (800)-270-8447.

2.)  How much does a service contract cost?

The costs of our service contracts vary depending upon a number of factors.  Some of which include: Make and Model of the Vehicle, Mileage on the Vehicle, Length of the Service Contract and Covered Components of the Service Contract.  Most Service Contract prices range from $1,600-$2,200.

3.)  What is the benefit of buying the service contract from Bourne's as opposed to the Manufacturer?

The cost of the manufacturer warranties are typically 30-50% higher than the cost of our plans.  Also, they require you to have the vehicle repaired at the manufacturer.  Our plans allow you to have flexibility as to where you have the vehicle serviced.

4.)  Can I choose where I have my vehicle repaired?

Yes.  However, customers who are within 40 miles of our service center must return to Bourne's Auto Center.  There is a HUGE benefit to having your vehicle serviced by the selling dealer.  
  • We waive the deductible for all of our customers
  • We have a strong relationship with the claims management company and a strong understanding of these contracts, therefore we are able to process claims faster and have you in your vehicle quicker
  • We have loaner vehicles for any repair greater than 1 hour.
  • All of our technicians are ASE certified.
  • We are open 6 days a week.
  • We know your vehicle and have serviced it in the past!
5.)  Does the Service Contract cover a rental vehicle?

Yes.  If the breakdown or repair is a result of a covered component you may be eligible for substitute transportation.  Such expense shall be limited to actual per day cost up to $35 per day, a 5 day maximum, not to exceed $175 per occurrence.  To qualify for reimbursement, the covered vehicle must be retained by the repairing facility overnight.  The substitute vehicle must be rented from the selling dealer, the repair facility, or from a licensed rental agency.  Reimbursement for substitute transportation shall not continue beyond the day on which repairs are completed and you are notified of completion.  Valid rental agency receptions will be required for reimbursement.

If the claim is preformed through Bourne's repair facility, there is not out of pocket cost for the rental car, we will incur the costs and process the reimbursement.  You may be required to provide a $150 deposit on a credit card until the vehicle is returned.

6.)  I called the claims phone number and they don't have my information on file.

This can happen for a few different reasons.  One is that they have not received the contract yet and your concern may be covered under our standard warranty.  Another reason is that we may have placed your service contract with another company.  In any event, please contact Bourne's at (508)230-5885 and your Sales Associate, Business Manager, General Sales Manager or General Manager will be happy to assist you.

7.)  How do I get a copy of the actual Service Contract.

The original contract will be with the paperwork you received when you purchased your vehicle.  If you are unable to locate the paperwork you can call us and we will email, send or fax you a copy.  Your Sales Associate or Business Manager can assist with this.

8.)  How do the claims get paid?

If you return to our Service Department we will process the claim from start to finish, in fact you don't even have to call in the claim yourself!  If you are more than 40 miles from Bourne's Auto Center, you must call the Claims Service Office at (800)-527-3426 for instructions.  Valid Claims will be paid over the phone with a credit card.

9.)  What is not covered by a Service Contract?

Any items not listed under the "What is Covered" section of your contract.  Also not covered are any repairs covered by manufacturer warranty or manufacturer's emissions warranty on the covered vehicle(whether or not transferred with vehicle), manufacturers recall or factory bulletins, breakdowns of components caused by a defect the manufacturer has publicly announced it would correct, but which you failed to have corrected.  Coverage is also forfeited if you are using the vehicle for plowing snow, equipped in a condition or manner which exceeds the manufacturers recommendations for the vehicle, has been used for racing or competitive driving, has been towing a trailer whose weight exceeds manufacturers recommendations, has been used for hire or to transport people for hire or has been used for municipal or professional emergency or police services.

10.)  Is road side assistance included in my service agreement?

Yes roadside assistance is provided up to $50 as a result of a covered component.  All roadside assistance claims must be called in and coordinated through the claims roadside assistance.  The phone number for roadside assistance is (800)-270-8447.

11.)  Is my service contract transferable to the next owner?

Yes!  Contact Bourne's Auto Center and we can process the paperwork for you.  The cost to transfer is $50.

12.)  I have traded in my vehicle, am I entitled to a service contract refund?

Yes!  You are entitled to a pro-rata refund less a $50 cancellation fee.  Contact Bourne's Auto Center and we will process the refund for you.  You will need to provide us with proof of trade in or total loss with a mileage statement in order to process the cancellation.

13.)  I didn't take purchase a service contract when I took delivery of my vehicle, can I purchase the service contract at anytime?

Yes!  Within 6 months of your purchase you can purchase the service contract, however you are not able to include it in the financing you obtained at the time of purchase.  

After 6 months, our service department will need to inspect the vehicle, there is a $95 charge for this inspection if you decide not to purchase the agreement.  If you purchase the agreement we will absorb the cost of this inspection.

The price of the contract will increase over time as the mileage on the vehicle has increased and you may not qualify for the same terms and pricing quoted at the time of delivery.

14.)  Do you have a program to make payments on the service contract over time?

Yes!  You are able to pay for the service contract under the following terms.  At the time of signing the agreement we will require at 20% down payment.  The remaining balance will be paid over the next 12-18 months(in most cases the customer can choose).  We require a credit card or bank account on file and we will automatically deduct the payment every month.