Recalls-What is Bourne's Auto Center doing about it?

Here we are on the heels of yet another recall affecting Honda.  This recall has Honda demanding their dealers put a "stop sale" on the vehicles affected.  A "stop sale" is when the manufacturer(i.e. Honda) orders their dealers not to sell an effected vehicle until the recall is performed.


The disappointing part is that the parts to fix the recall are not readily available.  Honda dealers are adversely impacted, and it potentially tarnishes their reputation.  But it is the consumers who already own these vehicles that are the most impacted. 


Many people don't realize that current federal law does not require independent dealers, like Bourne's Auto Center, to adhere to the recall laws.  In fact, the "stop sale" on these vehicles does not pertain to us either.  We can still sell them.  It makes these vehicles difficult to sell until there is a resolution, so it does affect us as well.


I feel it is important that our customers understand Bourne's Auto Center's position on recalls and what we are doing to inform and service our customers.  When we purchase a vehicle, we rely on the Carfax report to indicate whether or not the vehicle has an open recall.  If Carfax reports on an open recall, we run that against the National Highway Safety website to confirm the accuracy, and then call the dealer to gather the service history.


If the vehicle does have an open recall, we designate each vehicle with an open recall with a red sticker on the key tag until the recall is fixed.  We indicate in our propriety workflow software, that tracks all of our processes to recondition our vehicles, that a vehicle has an open recall. 


We continue with detailing the vehicle, performing and uploading the pictures to our website. We complete any necessary appearance defects and perform our rigorous 115 multi-point certification, addressing all safety and mechanical issues.


Once these steps are complete, we will coordinate having the vehicle delivered to the authorized dealer to have the recalls completed.  Unfortunately, sometimes the vehicles get sold before the entire process is complete.  In those instances, we inform the customer of the open recall and let them determine how they would like to proceed.  They can leave the vehicle with us and coordinate delivery once the recall is completed.  Our customers also have the option to take delivery of the vehicle, and we can coordinate a convenient time for the customer to have the recall performed.  In this scenario, we can often provide a loaner vehicle.


We do our very best to communicate the status of the recalls to our customers throughout the buying process.  If you have purchased a vehicle from us and you have any questions about the recall status of your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle from us, please do not hesitate to inquire about whether the vehicle has an open recall.  Our sales and service staff are more than happy to assist. 


If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at 386-682-3998 or via e-mail.

As always, thank you for your business.

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